A beloved family dog was feared to have died after the neighboring home’s brick wall collapsed, morning of Monday, October 15th.

A three–story brick wall in Kensington neighborhood in Philadelphia suddenly collapsed and crashed a car parked in the yard owned by Jose Gonzalez.  Despite the damaged vehicle, Gonzalez expressed his delight that no one was injured in the incident.  He, however, felt concerned knowing that his 16–year–old dog, Magic, an American pit bull terrier, was in the area when it happened.

Apprehensive, he and his family members started digging through the rubble only with their bare hands in the hopes of finding the beloved dog alive.  Unfortunately, their effort was in vain.  It is just with heavy hearts but everybody just pronounced Magic, dead, said Gonzalez.


“He (Gonzalez) loved that dog”, said Pedro Palmer, owner of the construction company that was contracted to clean up the mess.

On Wednesday, two day after the frightening occurrence, construction personnel started working on the wreckage with heavy equipment and machineries to clean up the area.  It is when they noticed that something black appeared to be moving under the bricks.

Palmer and his crew were surprised that they can’t believe the canine was alive after spending two days under the wreckage.  He claimed, “It’s impossible!”

Photo Credits: UPI

Gonzalez was in tears after learning that his much–loved pet was found and is alive.  He said “They say men don’t cry but I was so happy I was crying”.

Palmer’s men started using their hands as shovel to make sure that the dog won’t get hurt.  In about 15 minutes of non–stop digging, Magic has been freed.

Magic was brought immediately to the veterinary clinic and was given professional care and treatment for head trauma and dehydration.  He was also placed under close observation to ensure his well–being.

Authorities from the Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspection instructed residents to keep out of the construction site before a city inspector completes the investigation.



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