Dogs are very sociable animals. We often see them interact with almost anyone and anything that comes along their way – especially if it’s their favorite human.

They respond to almost everyone in the family, including your friends and neighbors. However, there is one particular person who’s their favorite.

How then do they choose their favorite human? Let us find out below.


Early socialization


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Early socialization serves as the foundation to ensure a strong bond with them. Experts say that the first six months of a puppy’s life is the most crucial stage.

Puppy brains are the most receptive at this stage. Having said so, their early social experiences as puppies influence how they interact later on in life.

That is why veterinarians and dog experts strongly recommend exposing your puppy to different people and situations at this crucial time.

Smother them with love and affection

Quality is better than quantity, says a famous adage we all know. For dogs, whoever they get to spend more quality time with is the winner.

The more time and attention you give to them, the higher the chances they’ll choose you as their favorite person.

Make more positive associations.

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Positive associations are the best way for you to teach your dog to obey some of the basic commands. Usually, these positive associations are in the form of treats. Obey, and you’ll receive rewards, that is the mantra.

The best explanation for this one is that whenever the dog enjoys something, they tend to gravitate and make a positive association to it. Who wouldn’t want to go to a person who always gives gifts, right?

Putting more effort into getting to know your furry friend is the ultimate key to become their favorite person. If you are not, it is never too late.

Even just 30 minutes of a focused and one-on-one session every day is enough to make things go that route.



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