Every time someone visited the dog rescue center, Summer would hope it would be the day she got adopted. However, the story was always the same for this adorable Pit Bull: she watched other dogs leave with their new families as she got left behind.

Nobody wanted to adopt Summer. Even though there was nothing wrong with her, nobody was interested in her enough to take her home.

Year after year, the staff at the rescue center hoped Summer would get adopted. However, after waiting for more than a decade, they had accepted the possibility that the dog would spend the rest of her days at the shelter.


Surprisingly, just when they were resigned to the idea that Summer wouldn’t find a forever home, they received an application for adoption specifically for her. Was Summer’s miracle finally here?

The dog was already 14 years old. Because of her age, she had developed some health problems. Her legs were also becoming weaker. The rescue center staff met with Summer’s potential adoptive mother to make sure she understood what she was getting.

The staff found out that the family that wanted to adopt Summer previously had a dog who died of cancer. The family knew the dog had cancer when they took her, but they opened their hearts to her to make her feel loved during the last few months of her life.

They wanted to do the same for Summer. They knew she was old and that she had health problems. However, they wanted to adopt her so she could feel the love of a family.

It didn’t matter how long she stayed with them or what happened to her health. The important thing was that they were there to take care of her. They wanted her to feel loved.

They were the perfect family for Summer. The Pit Bull, who was always getting left behind in the shelter, finally had the chance to feel the joy of being part of a family. She may be old, but she had her best days in front of her.

Source: Animal Planet via YouTube



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