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Charlie is 11 years old and is a senior. Some years ago, Charlie lost his eyes because of glaucoma. He has been able to recover quite nicely but losing his sight has made him also lose his vigor for life. His owners have noticed this. The dog has also become slower and wasn’t as cheerful as before.

Chelsea Stipe and her husband own the dog and they want to help him. That’s why they thought that getting him a dog friend would be a great idea. That way, Charlie would always have someone with him.

Their idea surely worked. Charlie started to regain the life in him. It was all thanks to Maverick, his new friend who’s a puppy.


Charlie started to be more positive again. The two dogs became BFFs and were quite inseparable.

Maverick, being a young dog, had quite a huge amount of energy and it was infectious. He was able to transfer some of that energy to Charlie who became playful once again and forgot that he just had a big change in his life.

Maverick may be young but he already knows that Charlie needs his help. He didn’t need to be told but he already has been helping Charlie with some things that he cannot do because of the loss of his sense of sight.

Sometimes, Chelsea would see Maverick getting some of their toys and putting them right where Charlie could find them so that he could play with them. Maverick knows that Charlie needs his help and he is very willing to do that. The young dog also helps the senior dog when they walk so that he doesn’t bump into anything.

Chelsea says that she is happy that the old Charlie is back and that they now have two dogs who are quite happy. The dogs have given their dog more color.

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