Lily was only a couple of months old when she got rescued. Through the help of Franklin Angus Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes, she was placed in foster care. It didn’t take long, and a family came forward to adopt her.

Sadly, Lily’s new home didn’t last forever. She didn’t get well with the family’s other dogs. Instead of addressing the concern, they decided to return her. So after only a few weeks, Lily found herself back into her foster home.


Lily lived most of her life in an open yard. She’s never had close interactions with other dogs, so she didn’t know how to behave around them. She gets agitated when another pup is nearby and tends to become aggressive at times.

Fortunately, Lily’s foster parents, as well as everyone at Franklin Angus Fund, are incredibly determined to help her find a forever home. And to do that, they had to prepare her for her forever family.

The organization managed to raise funds to send Lily to a training camp. The Pittie puppy worked so hard and showed everyone that she’s nothing but a sweet girl. With the help of her trainers from Instinct Dog Behavior and Training in Englewood, New Jersey, Lily aced all her exams. Soon, she finished her training and started right away to look for her new forever family.

While Lily needed to be the only puppy in the house, she is completely OK having cats around. She also needed someone who could continue training her, so she doesn’t forget what she’s learned in camp. Most importantly, she wanted to have someone who would cuddle with her at the end of each day.

Lily proved that’s she’s a good girl. She worked hard and is still working hard to be at her best behavior every day. And for that, she deserves to with a loving family.

Earlier in June, Lily went to join a family on a foster-to-adopt basis. She did so well that they decided to officially adopt her within two weeks. And today, Lily has a human sister who plays with her and trains her regularly, guinea pig siblings, and a comfy bed she shares with her mom and dad.

Good girl, Lily! You did an excellent job.

Credits to Franklin Angus Fund



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