With so much sad news surrounding us these days, it’s refreshing to hear inspirational stories once in a while. The touching story of a Pit Bull puppy named Hannah is the perfect breath of fresh air. It reminds us that happy endings are not impossible.

Hannah’s mother had difficulty delivering her puppies. Only Hannah and another sibling survived. They were taken in by a dog rescue center.

However, both of them were not strong enough. They also had swimmer’s syndrome, which means they were unable to get up on their legs. They were mostly lying flat on their bellies with their legs sticking out to their side.


Because the muscles of her limbs were too weak for her to walk, baby Hannah had to go through therapy as she was growing up. With the patience and care of the dog rescue center’s staff, the puppy’s limb muscles became stronger until she could walk on her own.

The next step for the dog rescuers was finding Hannah a forever home. When a couple came to the rescue center looking for a puppy, the timing couldn’t be better.

The couple said they used to have dogs, but the dogs had already passed away. After a few years of not having a pet, they decided it was time for them to have a new companion in their house.

They owned hundreds of acres of farmland. They were looking specifically for a puppy because they wanted a dog that would get used to having farm animals around while it was young. Hannah was the perfect fit for them.

The dog’s reaction when she first met them showed an instant connection between her and her potential parents. She was so excited to meet them, wagging her tail nonstop and jumping all over them. It was as if she knew she would be spending the rest of her life with the couple.

Finally, it was time for her to move to her new home. Hannah went from being a rescue puppy who couldn’t walk to being the new baby of a loving farmer couple.

The Pit Bull puppy now lived in a gorgeous house with an enormous backyard where she could play to her heart’s content. Most of all, she had the love of a doting mom and dad. Hannah proves to us that there are still happy endings.

Source: Animal Planet via YouTube



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