Lexy, the Elderbull, was rescued from backyard breeding when she was eight years old. Lexy did not know that love exists because she never experienced human attention and affection.

Lexy did not know that humans are actually capable of love because her abusers only used her as a means to earn money. Luckily, Lexy’s eight-year hardship finally stopped when Jenny Mackay adopted Lexy last January 2014.


Relationship Goals: Lexy & Bruce

Where can I find me a love like Lexy & Bruce? 😍😍😍Featuring

Posted by BarkBox on Sunday, December 17, 2017


Jenny showered Lexy with love and toys, but Lexy did not know what toys are for because she has never experienced playing with one. Lexy did not show any interest in all the toys that her humans showed her at the toystore, but it all changed when she saw a shark stuffed animal.

Lexy was instantly drawn to the shark stuffed toy and quickly picked the toy off the shelves. Lexy’s humans named their dog’s new toy Bruce, and Lexy was thrilled that she finally found the perfect companion for her.

Lexy has been with Bruce for over four years, and she does not like going anywhere without her shark best friend. She makes it a point that Bruce is always within her reach because she loves her buddy so much.

Jenny recalled that she bought Lexy plenty of toys, but Lexy always goes back to her first best friend. Jenny tried hiding Bruce under her dog’s massive stuffed toy collection, but Lexy still picks up her the shark every chance she gets.

Lexy loved lying in front of the fireplace with Bruce. She often uses her shark stuffed toy as a pillow during bedtime, and somewhat feels restless without her best friend.

Jenny said that Bruce helped Lexy open up to her, and the shark stuffed toy was the reason why Lexy slowly got out of her shell. Jenny shared that she is thankful that Lexy found the support system she needed in the form of an adorable shark toy.

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