A new mama dog was left distraught after a tragedy took the lives of her little puppies.

Daisy is a border collie-Great Pyrenees mix who gave birth just one month previously to seven healthy pups. One night, however, a blaze swept the barn in which her puppies, along with four goats and one pig, were sleeping. None of the animals survived the fire.

According to Jessica Woodruff, Daisy’s owner, the fire may have originated from a heat lamp that was warming the animals.


Image credit: Daisy Woodruff on Facebook

The barn combusted quickly; Daisy, Jessica, and the other people living on the property rushed to the scene, but they were already too late.

Jessica’s husband and two of his friends had to restrain Daisy, who was raring to go into the burning barn to rescue her babies.

After the incident, Daisy seemed like a changed dog—she refused to eat much, and she would often sit by the burned-down barn, whining sadly.

Her family knew that what Daisy needed was to be a mother, so they contacted nearby veterinarians and shelters to see if there was a litter that needed a mama dog.

Image credit: Daisy Woodruff on Facebook

They had no luck in that regard, so they posted on Facebook to seek help. That’s how they met a woman named Lorna Murphy, whose dog Chloe passed away shortly after giving birth to eight puppies.

Lorna needed help with the litter, too, as she was on her last legs trying to keep each puppy fed every couple of hours. Thus, their arrangement was perfect—Daisy gets to be a mother to eight pups, and Lorna gets to take a breather.

Daisy is taking care of the puppies until they are old enough to wean, after which they’ll be placed in new homes. In the meantime, the mama dog is back to her old self.

She no longer whines by their old barn, and she’s got a happy smile on her face once more.

You can watch the story here:

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube

Many thanks to Inside Edition for posting the original story.



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