Every fur parent knows that dogs are the biggest food lovers on the planet. Even if the meal they’re about to partake is just as small as a jelly bean, they’ll do everything to get it.

As known food lovers, dogs won’t relent searching for tasty treats. As such, it’s not surprising for a beagle pup to become excited the moment it sees its fur parent holding a yummy treat in her hands.

Yay! It’s a yummy treat!

In the video, one can see a cute beagle puppy doing some crazy dance on their doorstep. However, a closer look at the scene reveals that the pooch’s dance steps stem from the thing that fur mom’s holding in her hands.


It turns out, Mom’s holding a piece of delicious doggy biscuit. As Mom moves the cookie closer, the beagle continues performing its crazy dance steps, swerving its neck from side to side once in a while.

At some point, the beagle even shakes its head vigorously, perhaps egging Mom to hand over the food quickly. It seems the pooch can no longer wait to taste the yummy biscuit Mom’s holding.

It’s mine, okay?

A few seconds later, the pooch can no longer hold onto its cravings as it snatches the dog biscuit from Mom’s hand. But, before the beagle takes a bite on its snack, it dances and shakes its head vigorously in a way that’s akin to a tribal dance.

After its hilarious dancing, the pooch finally indulges in its meal, immediately delving its snout onto the doggy biscuit. However, due to the beagle’s sudden movement, the snack flew away and landed on a faraway corner of the room.

Do you think the funny beagle managed to find its biscuit? If you’re curious to find out, make sure to watch the video until the end.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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