Dogs are capable of doing so many things. They are known to be smart, cute, and loyal. Some are even fearless. Yes, some dogs dare to do more than just jumping or playing catch. Do you know who that is? His name is Sox.

One day, Kaelyn’s mom was driving down Las Vegas’ freeway when she saw something that caught her attention. It was a motorcyclist casually driving on the highway’s right lane together with his companion clenching at his back. His companion? Sox, the husky.


Kaelyn’s mom was completely astonished. She quickly recorded it on her phone and sent it to her daughter. Kaelyn then posted the video on Twitter.

Michael Fiala, Sox’s dog dad and motorcyclist, said that he purposely avoided social media because he’s worried about people’s reactions. He thought that people would think that he’s only doing this for social media.

Sox has been with Fiala for eight years. It all started when he went to his dad’s place and heard a little noise coming from their back room. He was surprised to find Sox and immediately fell in love.

He never planned on making Sox his adventure buddy. It only happened out of necessity. Fiala had to move to Hawaii. He sold his car and decided to keep the motorcycle that he got before college graduation.

It wasn’t an easy process. Fiala had to train Sox slowly for him to get comfortable in riding the bike. Good thing Fiala has a degree in zoology and animal behavior. He also used to work as a dog trainer and groomer. So, with some adjustments, patience, and extra effort, he was able to make it work.

After lots of training, Sox was finally able to ride the bike comfortably. The drove around Hawaii for about six years, seeing incredible scenery, hiking, and visiting volcanoes.

Now, the two are up for a bigger adventure. Fiala aims to go to all 50 states and visit all national parks and major league basketball stadiums. This is what Sox and Fiala have been doing for the past months.

Fiala also decided to document their adventures on Instagram. There were mixed reactions online. Some were deeply inspired while some were concerned with Sox’s safety.

Fiala’s goals don’t end in the 50 states. He’s planning on traveling the seven continents together with Sox. These two sure have a long ride ahead.

Credits: Kaelyn, the_bike_dog



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