Through Project Hope Animal Rescue, Bella was pulled out from the horrific situation she was in. She was then adopted by Melissa Maher, and soon enough started to live a life that she truly deserves. But Bella’s dark past took a toll on her. She gets easily terrified by anything and everything around her.

Bella’s new family immediately realized that she had been an outside dog her entire life. Even the littlest movement or the slightest sound would scare her. She always crawled through their doorways. And she never knew what toys are, so she didn’t have much interest in them.


Thanks to Mack, her new dog sibling, Bella started to feel more at ease. Although slowly, she learned that she’s in a safe place now. And most importantly, she’s learning how just to be herself.

Melissa and her entire family are all proud to see how far Bella has come. She still gets scared at times, but she’s battling all her anxieties and worries.

Unlike before, Bella is no longer worried that she’s not getting another meal for the day. Hence, she’s finishing her meal already. Additionally, she no longer cringes when a stranger comes approaching while they out for walks.

Bella is still adapting to her new home. But if there’s one place where she knows she can be entirely at ease, it’s her crate. It’s where she can decompress and forget all the worries that she has.

Realizing how comfortable Bella is inside her crate, Melissa thought of a great idea. She started decorating it, giving it a brand new look. Considering Bella didn’t have anything at all in her previous life, it’s only just to provide her all the best right now.

Melissa spent a good 1 ½ hours decorating Bella’s crate. While she was at work, the sweet pup just stayed on her bed, watching her mom. And as soon as it was completed, she immediately walked inside it and laid down.

Bella’s crate transformed from being an ordinary enclosure to the fanciest mini bedroom any dog could have. But Melissa admits that she isn’t sure whether Bella actually minds the new look of her crate. She loves it even before it got a makeover. Nevertheless, she deserves to be spoiled after all that she’s been through.

Credits to Melissa Maher via The Dodo



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