It is for a reason that a dog is called man’s best friend. Although a lot of dog owners already know the fun and affection a dog can bring, not everyone is aware of the physical and emotional benefits pets provide.

Dogs, in particular, are known to reduce stress, anxiety, ease loneliness and depression. They encourage exercise and playfulness which improves a person’s cardiovascular health. Furthermore, caring for an animal help children grow secure and more responsible. They also provide valuable companionship for many older adults. And most importantly, a pet’s unconditional love can add real joy into your life.

The video below shows a man coming home to the puppies that immediately climb all over him. Look at the man’s reaction to his dog’s evident love for him.



Although dogs have been a human companion for thousands of years, it’s only recently that studies have been conducted to explore the human-animal bond.

Through the years dogs have become attuned to humans including our behavior and emotions. As an example, a dog tends to understand the words we use, but they are more sensitive with the tone of our voice, gestures and body language.

Lastly, we humans need touch. It’s a basic human need. With pets, they can quickly fulfill this need. Even hardened inmates showed considerable changes in their behavior after spending time with pets. Petting, stroking and hugging a pet affects a person’s emotional health.

Playing with your dog increases the production of hormone serotonin and dopamine, which promotes calmness and is a good relaxant. So if you are suffering from anxiety or depression, owning a dog can significantly improve your emotional health.

Taking care of an animal makes a person feel wanted and needed – which helps prevent illness and may even add years to your life.

Source Анжелика Линник via YouTube




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