Firefighters from the Bakersfield Fire Department responded to a call for help regarding a burning house at 4627 Quarter Avenue. The married couple who lived in the building had managed to escape the fire unscathed, but their dog Jack remained inside.

The rescuers wasted no time braving the blaze to retrieve the Shih Tzu. Shortly afterward, firefighter Matt Smith is seen carrying the pooch in his arms after finding him behind a couch.

He placed Jack’s limp body on the grass outside and proceeded to revive him. The dog’s fur parents looked on, hoping against hope that the Shih Tzu would be all right.


John Frando, Bakersfield Fire Department’s Battalion Chief, took a video of the rescue. The firefighters quickly unwrapped a small mask, hooked it to an oxygen tank, and placed it over Jack’s muzzle.

The next few minutes were tense. No one knew what would happen. The Shih Tzu was unresponsive at first, but the rescuers kept administering a steady supply of oxygen and massaging his side.

At one point, Battalion Chief Frando had to stop filming. Jack looked like he wouldn’t make it.

Thankfully, he was wrong. The Shih Tzu eventually regained consciousness, and he was then able to breathe and stand on his own. Jack was panting, trying to get every last bit of air into his smoke-filled lungs, but he was alive.

The rescuers then rushed the canine to Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital for treatment. Jack sustained respiratory injuries as well as burns on his paws, but he recovered quickly after receiving oxygen therapy overnight.

Posting about the incident, the Bakersfield Fire Department thanked two Girl Scouts named Kylie Greene and Hailey Amos for Jack’s rescue. Around one year previously, the girls led a fundraiser to help them purchase oxygen kits specially made for animals.

The Girl Scouts then donated these kits to fire trucks across Bakersfield and Kings County. One of them ended up saving the Shih Tzu’s life.

Kylie and Hailey earned the Girl Scout Silver Award for their kindness and generosity. Watch the Bakersfield firefighters resuscitating Jack in the video below:

BFD IN ACTION #BFDaction #BakersfieldFDBFD Firefighters rescued a pet canine from the earlier 4627 Quarter Ave residential structure fire today. The small breed dog was pulled from the interior unresponsive, with semi-agonal respirations, and as its concerned owner looked on, BFD Firefighters revived the pet using a specialized animal oxygen mask and high flow oxygen.

Posted by Bakersfield Fire Department on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Source: Bakersfield Fire Department on Facebook



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