As a parent, there are various tasks and responsibilities that one must fulfill. Among these duties, one of the most important things perhaps entails ensuring the safety of one’s family, especially their children.

As such, parents must look out after their offspring, keeping an eye out on their whereabouts. However, for a particular foster cat, she can take a breather for a few minutes as she’s got the most trustworthy babysitter in the planet.

Stay there, little kitty.

In this video, one can see an adorable black-furred cat licking its fur from time to time. By the looks of it, the cat’s taking its time in cleaning its body.


However, not far away from the grown cat’s a newborn kitten waddling its way on the cloth. As the kitten’s exploring its surroundings, a grown Dalmatian takes a sniff on it and even lovingly places the sweetest kiss on its cute face.

Despite this gesture, the kitten continued slowly walking towards its bathing mother. The Dalmatian closely watches over the curious kitten, not letting the kitten disappear from its line of sight.

Thank you for taking care of me.

As the kitten saunters towards its mother, the Dalmatian gives it a little push, egging the little feline to go with its mother. However, before the kitten approaches its mom, it quickly makes a 360-degree turn and starts pawing its way towards the dog instead.

The pooch instinctively laid its eyes on the curious explorer to prevent it from wandering around. But, before the dog reacted, the kitten gave it a sweet kiss on its snout.

Touched by its young charge’s actions, the Dalmatian starts licking the kitten nonstop and at the same time preventing it from drifting any farther from its mom. If you wish to view the pooch’s adorable babysitting duties, feel free to take a look at the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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