Every fur parent knows that dogs and cats can’t dare to share the same room. Their varying temperaments bring them at odds, no matter how long they’ve stayed by each other’s side.

However, not all dogs and cats end up as enemies. For a particular Golden retriever, patience is the key for him to endure his feline friend’s persistent pleas for playtime.

Come on, Cosmo. Let’s play!

In this video, one can see an adorable pair of furry animals contentedly lying on their soft bed. One of the animals’ a Golden retriever named Cosmo, while the other animal’s a feisty feline named Flea.


As the pair take their afternoon siesta, Flea suddenly stretches his body on the bed. Flea then suddenly starts clawing on Cosmo’s fur, trying to convince his friend to play with him.

However, it seems Cosmo’s not in the mood to play with his pal as he continues lying on the bed. Despite the cat’s annoying moves, Cosmo still held onto his patience and ignored the feline’s relentless convincing.

Sorry, pal. I’m not in the mood to play.

When Flea still did not get his expected response from Cosmo, he carries on with his previous actions. But, as the cat’s activities start to become bothersome, Cosmo can’t continue turning a blind eye anymore.

As such, Cosmo lifts his head to prevent Flea from reaching his face. The pooch looks onto its surroundings while he does his best to ignore his friend’s pleas to play with him.

But, the relentless feline refuses to accede and once again starts clawing on the pooch’s face. Flea even scratches the pooch’s neck to emphasize his point. With this scenario, all Cosmo could do is put up a poker face and attempt to resume his afternoon nap.

How do you think Flea reacted to Cosmo’s calm behavior? Did Cosmo carry on ignoring Flea? If you wish to find out what happened next, click on the video link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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