Dogs are loyal to a fault. They would never leave a family or friend behind even if it costs them their life.

A dog’s loyalty to his friend was put to the test when a 7.2 earthquake magnitude hit Cebu City, Philippines. Everyone was fleeing for safety when the earthquake started. You can see the video below as everyone was scurrying for safety, away from the shuddering building including a dog.

However, he went back into the building, emerging a few minutes later bringing with him another dog. He risked his life for his friend. What an incredible dog. Watch the video below for the fantastic story.



What makes dogs so incredible is their ability to be loyal and faithful towards their owners and friends. This characteristic makes a dog an excellent companion.

According to experts, wild dogs live in packs, and they would protect each other no matter what. This ensures the pack’s safety. After their domestication, dogs view their owners as another member of their pack; hence a dog will protect his family time and again.

Regardless of whether a dog’s loyalty is for survival or not, we know for sure that a dog is loyal to their humans because of the bond they have formed with them.

The video showed just how much a dog loved his friend that he didn’t think much about his safety — what a brave dog.

We hope that by sharing this video, people will understand just how much a dog is a loyal and faithful creature.  They are indeed extraordinary creatures, and we should take care of them.

Dogs have given us astonishing service since their domestication. They were shepherds, farm hands, and guard dogs. Today, aside from being a faithful family companion willing to give there everything to their humans, they are also used as military dogs, police dog, search and rescue dogs, and most important as assistance dogs.

They proved to be a great help for people with disabilities. They helped them perform daily tasks that would have been hard without the help of a service dog.

Source Ferdinand Eduard Tan via YouTube 







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