A woman was left dismayed and worried after an airline misplaced her beloved dog.

Amber Dalton, who was traveling with her pet Beast, got on a flight going from San Francisco to Raleigh. When Dalton arrived at Raleigh Durham Airport right on schedule, she was bewildered to discover that the oversized baggage pickup didn’t have any pets on it.

Originally, Dalton and Beast were supposed to fly from San Francisco Airport to Chicago before proceeding to Raleigh. Just as she was boarding, however, a member of the American Airlines staff informed her that animals weren’t allowed on that particular flight.


Hence, Dalton transferred to another plane, one that was headed for Dallas. Another employee assured her that Beast would be on the same flight—but he never got there.

After speaking with American Airlines staff, Amber was disappointed to find out that they had no idea where Beast went. Apparently, nobody logged the dog’s whereabouts, and that’s why nobody could pinpoint his location.

Several hours later, the staff finally determined that Beast had ended up in Philadelphia. One employee drove the canine to Dalton’s house in Roanoke, and the two were finally reunited more than 30 hours after their scheduled landing at Raleigh.

While Dalton is relieved and delighted that Beast is back with her, safe and sound, she says she is still upset about the whole incident. Since American Airlines did not keep close track of the dog, it was possible that the outcome might have been not as happy.

According to a spokesperson for the company, the Dallas flight that Dalton boarded was unsuited for animals like the Chicago flight, and that’s why staff members placed Beast on one bound for Philadelphia. However, they did not convey any of this information to Dalton.

Still, American Airlines is contacting Dalton to apologize personally.

Watch Dalton and Beast’s reunion in the video below:

Source: 6abc Philadelphia on YouTube



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