We really don’t deserve dogs – meaning they can love us or any other individual unconditionally that they can risk their own safety to protect us and sometimes we’re not up to par with their level of affection. They truly are the best manifestation of unconditional love.

For this story however, it’s canine sibling love that triumphed and touched the hearts of many. This is the story if Smokey and Remus that went viral and amazed people all over the world.

Jay Becerra and his family are residents of Mesa, Arizona. They have two dogs Smokey and Remus living with them. One afternoon, the two pups were outside in their yard playing near the pool. Jay steps inside for a moment and when he came back, he saw the dogs all wet as if they took quick dip in the pool.


Curious as to what transpired, Jay checked their security camera recording and was amazed with what he saw. It turns out that while playing near the pool, Smokey fell into the pool and struggled to get back out. Now, you may think that there is no cause for concern as dogs can naturally swim.

Jay stated that Smokey can indeed swim, but he was just not very good at it. It was evident in the recorded footage that Smokey was managing to not drown but somehow seemed to be struggling. The alarming part is that it he was having a difficult time getting out of the pool as he slips every time he tries and then he started to panic.

His sibling Remus started to panic as well. He was pacing back and forth poolside trying to figure out how to help Smokey. Then suddenly, a moment of clarity – Remus builds up the courage to jump in there and try to save Smokey. He jumps into the pool and pushed Smokey up to help him get out.

Remus, being the better swimmer, paddled his paws to get to the end of the pool and pulled himself out. Both the pups were wet and cold, but safe and sound.

Check out Remus’ heroics in the footage below:

Video credit Kayla Becerra



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