Dogs love to spend most of their waking hours playing with their beloved humans. Even if it’s only a simple game of fetch, our canine friends view it as time well spent with their fur parents.

As such, it’s not unusual for some dogs to throw a fit whenever their fur parents refuse to play with them. At times, they even debate with their fur parents to try and convince them.

Mom, let’s play!

In this adorable video, Jasper the Corgi stares at his fur mom lying on the sofa. Upon noticing this, Mom immediately asked Jasper for a reason behind his actions.


The corgi immediately replies with a loud bark, convincing Mom to come and play with him for a moment. However, as Mom’s tired, she refuses to accede to the pooch’s whims.

Hearing Mom’s answer, the pooch throws a fit and resumes yapping loudly at her. He even growls menacingly to emphasize his point further. But, as Mom’s adamant, she refuses to yield to the dog’s request.

Mom, come on! Let’s have some fun.

Stubborn as he is, Jasper refuses to acknowledge Mom’s answer and continues to debate with her openly. Despite Mom’s repeated refusals, the pooch doesn’t accept any of her responses and keeps barking.

Seeing that she can’t make Jasper see her point, Mom talks to him face-to-face. Mom makes Jasper understand that she isn’t in any mood to play with him. But, just like a rampaging toddler, the pooch continues yapping at Mom until she gives in to his whims.

This battle continues for quite some time, with both sides refusing to yield to the other. However, as Mom’s patience’s slowly wearing thin, she sternly commands Jasper to stay quiet.

How do you think Jasper reacted to Mom’s command? Did he finally obey Mom? If you wish to see what happened next, feel free to check the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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