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We are no longer new to what dogs can do. As a breed, dogs are innately intelligent livings. They could do tricks, follow specific commands, and even do smart acts to get what they want. All these are gradually changing as time passes by.

This unnamed pooch from Bangkok, Thailand, is taking the internet by storm because of his funny act to get food. The pooch was caught on camera faking a broken leg so that foreigners visiting the place would take pity on him.

Thailand is known for its diverse culture, which draws many tourists to visit every year. Foreigners from different countries troop to the country to experience Thailand’s culture.


This is why this pooch, who was given a nickname of Gae by locals, took advantage of the tourists’ presence to score for food. In the video, the dog was seen dragging his back-left leg while walking across the pavement.

A few seconds later, the same dog walked in a normal way while wagging his tail. The one who was taking the video giggled at what he saw because he thought from the start that there was something wrong with the pooch.

According to Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul, a Thai resident who has already been accustomed to the dog, the dog’s acts worked wonders for him. For one, there was one tourist who stopped and checked on him. The man later fed the dog.

Chongplapolkul said that the dog has been pulling the trick for quite some time now. He said he always sees the dog pull this kind of trick to his advantage.

Chongplapolkul, though, explained that he and other Thai locals make sure that the dog is well fed. They would take turns in feeding the dog with rice and other food he needs. Despite this, the dog continues with his trickery to receive more food for his consumption.

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