Nambok and Matthew Howard wanted nothing but a memorable wedding day. Thanks to Diesel, their adorable rescue bulldog, they got what they desired.

Ever since joining the family, Diesel has shown that he has such a huge personality. He has a lot of antics, and his mom and dad knew that having him partake in their wedding was a complete risk. But still, they couldn’t imagine not having him on their most special day.


The couple has a total of four dogs, and every one of them was present on the wedding day. Diesel, of course, was the best man, or rather, the ‘best dog.’

Matthew planned every detail of their wedding. But there’s one thing he never had control of. He couldn’t and would never have predicted how Diesel would actually behave on that day.

Sure enough, the unexpected happened. The excitement and thrill during that day were just too much for Diesel to handle. And he did something no one anticipated.

Diesel watched as Nambok got off the bridal car and walked down the aisle. He was so happy to see her. But when his mom was already at the altar, the spontaneous but mischievous pup came up with an idea. He gave his mom a sniff and decided that the ground where she was is supposed to be his.

Before the couples could say their vows, Diesel cocked his hind leg and peed a bit too close to Nambok. Luckily, he missed the bride’s outfit by a few centimeters. And once he was done, Diesel turned around and began kicking some dried leaves onto his parents, before he trotted away with his smug face.

Everyone laughed, even Nambok. It’s been six years since they’ve had Diesel, and she knows that’s just how he is. After all, Nambok and Matthew are dog people, so they just laughed at what happened.

Credits to Instagram@Aussie Bulldog Squad



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