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Dogs are also capable of showing their emotions, including how anxious they could get when their owners need to leave the house to work. Just like humans, pooches are also afraid of the idea of separation. Hence, they could also feel separation anxiety.

This dog, Shorty, is no stranger to this feeling. Living for 15 years now with his foster family in Rhode Island, the pug has developed separation anxiety whenever his master, Marc Peralta, has to leave to go to work.

This problem began, according to Marc himself, when the dog turned too old to be with him at the office daily. Marc shared that he previously lets the pooch join him in the office, but because of his advanced age, the dog needs to be at home to get enough rest.


Since the dog did not approve of this set-up, Marc and his wife needed to think of an alternative to ease the anxiousness of their beloved pooch. Kristen, Marc’s wife, began thinking of a solution. She first tried putting Marc’s used clothes on a pillow, and let Shorty sniff it as if it’s Marc’s scent to no avail.

Shortly after her first failed attempt, Kristen’s mom suggested that the couple should buy a mannequin which would serve as a replica of Marc whenever he is not around. Desperate enough to calm the dog down, Kristen and Marc agreed to the idea.

They bought a mannequin and put some clothes of Marc on it, tried it to the dog, and it worked perfectly to their advantage. For every morning Marc has to go to the office, they would just let Shorty be on the side of the mannequin, and the dog will stop with his anxiety.

The idea may come as an offshoot to their problem, but Marc and Kristen make it a point to still spend quality time with the dog because nothing beats the bond it creates. Marc nowadays no longer need to worry about his dog’s anxiety, thanks to the mannequin who saved him and his loving dog, Shorty.


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