There are many ways that a dog can express his or her love to their owner. It can be that they cuddle up to their human companions, or they follow them wherever they go. However, for this big pup, she puts her emotions into words.

The talking dog

A video posted by her owner has been going viral online because of how adorable this Siberian Husky is. Her name is Mishka, and she can say “I love you”. The clip starts with a beautiful black and white husky staring straight into the camera. She doesn’t react at first when her owners start talking to her and saying that they love her.

Those three words

When her owner first says those three words, she even turns her head into a yawn as if she was not interested in her participating. Then, when she hears the voice of her other owner, she starts to howl. But this is not just any ordinary howling. She is howling the words “I love you”. It may seem strange since dogs can’t usually form words with their mouths but once you hear Mishka’s voice, what she is saying is unmistakable. She gets each sound so right that you could really hear the intonation of her voice when she says the word “you”.


Howling out your love


Mishka and her owner continue to exchange their I-love-you’s as the clip gets further on. You could see that she means what she is saying, but the repetition was losing her attention already. So when her owner tells her that she is a good girl, she looks at her and howls out a really long “I love you” with an emphasis on the word “you”. This only goes to show that our dogs love us truly that they would even talk just to let us know how they feel.

Check out Mishka and her owner trading words of love:

Source: gardea23 | Youtube



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