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Love knows no boundaries. Anyone is able to love. Even a dog who doesn’t have eyes. Katie Frame had seen it with her own eyes.

Katie from Pennsylvania owns a dog named Bear. Bear is a sweet, playful and loving just like a lot of pet we have. There is one difference though, Bear’s eyes were taken away from him.


Before Bear met Katie and her family, he had a big accident. When he was just a little dog and was running around on a street one day a car came speeding and run him over.

Luckily, a concerned citizen was kind enough to bring him to an animal hospital where Bear was treated immediately. The doctors tried their best to treat Bear, but after his treatment, he was still in bad shape. They had to take his eyes out. His injuries were bad and when his owner came, they decided they couldn’t take him back with them. Bear was alone and injured.

Katie’s mother happened to be working at the hospital where Bean was taken to. She couldn’t stand the fact that the poor dog was all alone. She decided to talk to Katie on adopting Bean.

Katie agreed to take Bear home with them. He had continuous treatment and when he got better Bear became an adorable and sweet dog. He likes staying by their side, it’s his way of thanking them and showing them how much he loves them.

As per Katie, although Bear is blind, he is no different from any other dog. He takes walks, plays, goof around and socialize with other dogs. He has good ears which help him compensate for his lack of eyesight. Katie mentioned he bumps to things though every now and then, but despite everything, he is still as happy and loving as he can be.

Katie is truly a blessing for Bear but in a way, Bear has been a blessing to Katie too. As per Katie, before Bear was part of her life she felt it was meaningless. But now she feels it has a purpose. She now knows she exists to help poor dogs like Bear.

Bear is truly amazing. Despite all the things he has been through he still chooses to love without any hesitation.

Credits to Instagram @bear.the.blind.pit




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