A girl named Reagan Hardin had to tell her teacher that her homework was eaten by her dog. Everyone reading this would have thought this is such a lame excuse. But unfortunately for Reagan, her dog Roscoe had gotten hold of her homework and ate parts of the project.

Reagan was working on school homework where she had to build a diorama depicting a farm in the middle ages. But, for some reason, Roscoe ate some parts of the project particularly the plastic animals and trees. Reagan’s parents immediately took Roscoe to the vet to be treated. The vet removed all the particles Roscoe has eaten using a special kind of scope.

Watch the full story below as the Hardin family took Roscoe to the vet.


Reagan had to show proof that her dog ate her project to her teacher while Roscoe is doing just fine.

You may be wondering why dogs tend to eat everything, anytime even after a meal. Fortunately, dog experts were able to give us several reasons.

Firstly, dogs like to explore using their mouths. When they were born, puppies are blind and deaf. The only way they know what is going on around them is through their skin, noses, and mouths. As the puppy grows older, they start picking things up with their mouths. This is dangerous especially if the things your dog is interested is inedible.

Secondly, dogs are scavengers by nature. Because they are omnivores, dogs can eat meat and plant foods. So even if you are feeding your dog’s high-quality food and follows a schedule, their instincts is still pretty much alive and that is to scavenge.

Lastly, dogs sometimes binge eat. This means as long as there is something out there; they will gobble it all up.

Always refer to a veterinarian, if you suspect that your dog’s unusual eating behavior is caused by a medical condition.

Source USA TODAY via YouTube



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